Chris Carberg

Digital Health Advocate, Web Founder, and Writer in Orlando, Florida

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About Me

I’m Chris, a Digital Health and Media Founder in Orlando, Florida.

I'm passionate about creating digital communities and helpful content that guides people facing challenging life circumstances.

In the past decade, digital properties I co-founded or led have generated massive awareness with millions of visits and have helped connect people to resources that can change their lives.

My Interests

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Patient Empowerment and Advocacy
  • Mental Health
  • Faith and Spirituality

My Projects

I always work on projects that are close to my heart and that inspire me. These web properties are designed to save lives or improve quality of life.

  • I have been in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol for 17+ years. I wanted to use my talents to create a platform to educate addicts and their loved ones and point people toward treatment. Addiction Help is deeply personal to me.

  • After my wife was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression following the birth of our daughter, we founded to help educate people about the challenges of PPD and how to make it through.

  • I have been working with people affected by mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses for a decade.

  • I founded the Camp Lejeune Claims Center to help veterans and families affected by the Water Contamination at Camp Lejeune. My dad died from bladder cancer connected to Camp Lejeune.
  • Work
    • Marion Media Group | D50 Media
  • Education
    • University of Central Florida
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